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Rockmore International Range

Rockmore International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of top quality percussive rock drilling products. Their high-performance products include drill bits, DTH bits and hammers, extension and tunnelling rods, integral and tapered rods, shank adaptors and other drill tool accessories.

With manufacturing centres in two hemispheres and distribution centres on nearly every continent Rockmore International provides a wide range of tools to mining, construction, tunnelling, quarrying and water well projects from North America to Asia, and from the Alps to the Andes.

Rockmore has become the industry’s performance leader in tools that withstand the toughest rock drilling demands. Rockmore‘s drilling tools are developed based on the continuous input from operators and contractors working in the field. Rockmore make use of the finest raw materials available, including premium steel and rugged carbide. IMPI have secured a distributorship with Rockmore International.

DTH (Down the Hole) Drilling Equipment

Rockmore manufactures the finest and most efficient hammers and bits for the mining, construction and water well industries. Rockmore’s DTH equipment is reliable, because of the precision engineering and high standards of drilling efficiency, build into each of their hammers.


Drifting and Tunelling Tools

Rockmore offers a complete range of tools for drifting and tunnelling projects ranging from mining to dams and other civil engineering projects.

Extension Drilling Tools

Rockmore’ s bits, extension rods, couplings and shank adaptors are used throughout the world for top hammer production drilling in mining, tunnelling, construction and quarry work. Rockmore’s extension drilling equipment is designed to transmit the maximum impact energy to the rock with the least possible loss of energy in the drilling chain.

Tapered Drill System

Rockmore offers a complete line of tapered rods and bits for all of our hand-held pneumatic drilling needs. For mine, quarry and tunnel work, we provide quality tools that withstand the toughest rock drilling demands. Rockmore’s tapered bit and rods come in a variety of taper angles, and provide tapered rods in a full range of shank configurations and steel hex diameters. Rockmore’s tapered bits include both cross and button designs. Rockmore’s tapered rods are available with high frequency or fully carburized heat treatments.

Integral Rods

Rockmore International provides a variety of integral rods in a full range of lengths and steel hex diameters for all your hand-held pneumatic drilling needs. Rockmore use the finest raw material available, including premium steel and top quality carbide.

Shank Adapters

Rockmore’s full range of shank adaptors (striking bars) ensure a quality drill string interface to the most exacting industry tolerances. Build to seamlessly interface with hydraulic and pneumatic drifters and top hammers, their shank adaptors come in a full range of industry standard thread configurations. Rockmore‘s precision grinding process ensures straightness, and tools that are fully carburized with an advanced heat treatment.